FXLION V-LOCK (190WH / 14.8V)


Suitable for Red,Alexa and so on high power devices.

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A built-in 4 LED power level display

Working temperature: -20°C~+55°C

Quick charge and no memory effect

Protection circuit design keeps the battery from the damages caused by over-heat, excessive current and extended charge / discharge

Fxlion charger options: PL-3680B, PL-3680D, PL-3680E, PL-5680, PL-1680B, PL-4680B and PL-5680B.

Capacity: 14.8V 13Ah 190Wh

Dimension: 152(L) mm×97(W) mm×65(H) mm

Weight: 1140g

Charging Time: PL-3680B PL-3680D PL-3680E PL-5680 PL-1680B PL-4680B PL-5680B~520min

Suitable for Red,Alexa and so on high power devices


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